puppy trainingRotorua Dog Obedience Club (RDOC) provides dog training and handling skills for dog owners who wish to have well socialised, well behaved and well trained dogs.

RDOC runs dog obedience training classes for members at recreational and competitive levels, including Canine Good Citizen certification.

In our Canine Good Basic Beginner Obedience Class, dog owners are taught techniques for handling and training their dogs to be well behaved in both public and home environments. The club teaches and encourages responsible dog ownership.

The Club also runs Agility, Fly-gility and Rally-O classes for fun and for competition training. Canine Good Citizen is a nationally recognised certificate, awarded at four levels. It is supported by the NZ Kennel Club and is recognised by many local authorities in their dog licensing regulations. RDOC offers training at all levels for this certificate.

RDOC also runs competitions throughout the year in the various disciplines. These competitions attract entrants from throughout New Zealand – be sure to check out our Event Calendar to find out more.

  • Basic Obedience Basic Obedience We provide training and handling skills for dog owners who wish to have well socialised, well behaved and well trained dogs. Owners will gain more control over their dog with basic obedience and socialisation.
  • Canine Good Citizen Canine Good Citizen The emphasis with CGC is to ensure that your dog will be a respected member of the community because it is trained to act with good manners in the home, in public, and in the presence of other dogs.
  • Agility Agility Agility is a fun activity using a range of agility equipment - jumps, tunnels, weave poles, A-frame, seesaw, and dog walks. Agility is fun and is great exercise for dog and handler alike, as they learn skilled control to negotiate a course containing a variety of obstacles.
  • Fly-gility Fly-gility Fly-gility is a dog sport that mixes elements of agility and flyball. The dog is sent away to fetch a ball from a flyball box while navigating tunnels, jumps and weaves before returning the ball to the handler.
  • Rally-O Rally-O Rally-O is a sport which contains elements of obedience and agility. The course has numbered stations with a different exercise performed at each station. Courses can include cones and jumps as well as turns, sits, downs and recalls.

Rotorua Dog Obedience Club Rooms

The club rooms are at Karenga Park, Bennetts Road, Rotorua

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