Club Rules

(INCORPORATED at HAMILTON on 22 October, 1974)

Note: Where the phrase “in writing” is used in this document this may be taken to include electronic media such as email.

1. NAME:
The club shall be called “Rotorua Dog Obedience Club Incorporated” (herein-after referred to as “the Club”) and the Headquarters shall be the address of the person for the time being holding the office of Secretary of the club.

To promote the training of any dog or handler which, or whom, may be deemed suitable by the Committee and to run Dog Training competitions as may be decided by the Committee and approved by the N.Z. Kennel Club Incorporated and the promotion of responsible dog ownership in the local area.

The Club shall consist of an unlimited number of members whose names and addresses shall be kept in a Register by the Secretary. This shall be open to inspection of members by arrangement with the Committee.

Any member who has rendered outstanding services to the Club by the following;
– Been a continuous financial member for no less than 10 years
– Have provided instruction in dog training (or outstanding service or time to the dog training fraternity of New Zealand in an administrative role or like) on behalf of the club for no less than 4 years
– Have served on the RDOC committee for no less than 4 terms.
– Has in no way brought the club into disrepute
May be elected a Life Member of the club at any may be elected a Life Member of the Club at any Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting of the Club. A Life Member shall be entitled to the same rights and privileges as ordinary members, without being liable for payment of any subscription.

Any person who has rendered service to the Club may be elected an Honorary Member of the Club at the Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting of the Club. An Honorary Member shall enjoy all the privileges without payment of any subscription, but shall have no right to vote at any General Meeting of the Club.

The election of members shall be vested in the Committee. The candidate`s name shall be brought before the Committee for election immediately following the receipt of his or her name by the Secretary. The receipt of a subscription does not automatically entitle the candidate to membership. The candidate shall at once be apprised of the result of the ballot, and if elected by the majority, shall receive a copy of the rules of the club.

The amount of the annual subscription payable by any class of member and the time of payment thereof shall be fixed by resolution at the Annual General Meeting. After the amount and time of payment of such annual subscription has been fixed by the Annual General Meeting any member who fails to make payment in the manner and by the time specified by the Annual General Meeting of the amount of any such subscription levied upon such member shall ipso facto cease to be a member of the Club and shall thereupon forfeit any right which such member may have to vote and attend at any meeting of the Club, the Committee or any sub-committee of the Club PROVIDED ALWAYS that the Committee shall have discretionary power to reinstate any such member on good cause being shown and all arrears of subscriptions being paid.


The Committee shall consist of not more than TEN (10) members who shall retire annually and be eligible for re-election and shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and SIX (6) others. The Committee shall have power to delegate their authority to a sub-committee and the Committee shall also have power to co-opt other members to assist in the conduct of its business. Any reference to “committee” shall refer to those members who were elected as above at the most recent Annual General Meeting, including those later co-opted. “Committee” will not refer to any sub committees or other governance bodies unless expressly outlined.

6.1 Two sub-committees may be formed, one for Agility matters and one for Obedience matters. These sub-committees will consist of both general committee members and co-opted members from the membership and will be responsible for the day to day running of their relevant disciplines within the club and for the promulgation of information to and from their governing bodies within the NZKC, such information to be minuted and forwarded to the committee. Each sub-committee will be made up of a maximum of 6 people with a minimum of 2 members from the committee. A minimum of 4 people is required for a quorum at any meeting of these sub-committees, including two members from the committee. The sub-committees will maintain minutes which will be forwarded to the committee and will be responsible for the organisation of and operation of their annual shows with the approval of the committee.

This shall take place at the Annual General Meeting of the Rotorua Dog Obedience Club Incorporated and such election shall be by ballot.

The administration of the Club and control of the Club property shall be vested in the Committee.
In the event of the winding up the Club the assets and liabilities of the Club are to be cleared by authority of a Special General meeting of the Club and any moneys remaining as the property of the Club after such clearance of assets and liabilities will be forwarded to N.Z. Kennel Club Incorporated to be held in trust pending the formation of another club in the same area with the same aims at some point of time in the future.

Save where these rules otherwise provide, the entire management of the Club including the election of members shall be entrusted to the Committee, whose decision shall be binding. The Committee shall have the power to arbitrate in Club matters in cases of dispute between members, when asked by either party to do so, and their decision in such cases shall be final. The Committee shall have power to deal with any question relating to the management of the Club not provided for in these Rules.

There shall be monthly meetings of the Committee and five members shall form a quorum. Should a meeting not be held for whatever reason for two (2) consecutive months, a vote of no confidence in the incumbent Committee shall be deemed in place and the Secretary shall call an Extraordinary General Meeting for the purpose of electing a new Committee. All members of the Committee shall have one vote each, but the Chairman shall have a casting as well as a deliberative vote. The Chairman at such meetings shall be the President or if the President is absent or unwilling to take the chair, the Vice President. If neither the President nor Vice President shall be present or not willing to act as Chairman, the Chairman shall be such member of the Committee willing to act as a majority of the members of the Committee then present shall decide.

The Annual General Meeting shall be held as soon as possible after the 31st March in each year and fourteen days previous notice in writing shall be given by the Secretary to all members of the Club. Any twelve (12) members shall form a quorum. Nominations for life and/or honorary membership must be detailed on the notice calling the meeting. Voting at such Annual General Meeting shall be by a show of hands unless a Poll is demanded whereupon the Chairman shall order a Poll. The Chairman at such an Annual General Meeting shall be the President or if the President is absent or unwilling to take the chair, the Vice-President. If neither the President nor the Vice-President shall be present or willing to take the chair, the Chairman shall be such member of the Club willing to act as a majority of the members present at the meeting shall decide. The Chairman shall have a casting as well as a deliberative vote.


i. The receipt from the committee of the Annual Report and Balance sheet.

ii. To elect officers of the club and the committee for the ensuing year.

iii. Election of life and honorary members duly nominated

iv. To decide on any resolution which may be duly submitted in writing to the meeting.

v. Fix subscriptions for the ensuing year.

An Extraordinary General Meeting of the members of the Club shall be called by resolution of the Committee or on requisition in writing to the Secretary of half of the membership. Thereupon 14 days notice in writing shall be given by the Secretary to all members of the Club, specifying the objects of the meeting to which alone discussion shall be confined.
The method of voting at such meeting shall be the same as at an Annual General Meeting and the same rules shall apply to the appointment and powers of the Chairman as are applicable by these rules to an Annual General Meeting.

All new rules or alterations of existing Rules, or reversal of any formal act or decision, shall be made at an Extraordinary or Annual General Meeting, and shall appear on the Agenda convening the Meeting. Such new Rules, or alterations or reversals, shall not be adopted unless they receive the sanction of at least two thirds of the members voting.
All rule changes shall be submitted to the NZKC and Registrar of Incorporated Societies.

All expenses properly incurred by the Secretary or Treasurer, with the consent of the Committee, for or on behalf of the Club shall be defrayed out of the funds of the Club alone, and no individual member shall be deemed to incur responsibility in respect of the same.

An Annual Report shall be presented by the Chairperson. A copy of the Balance Sheet and Income and Expenditure shall be reviewed in detail, corrected and certified as correct by a suitably qualified person who is not a member of the Rotorua Dog Obedience Club and circulated to all members present at the AGM or EGM.

Any member who shall be suspended by the N.Z. Kennel Club Incorporated shall ipso facto cease to be a member of the Club. If the conduct of any member shall, in the opinion of the Committee of the club, be injurious to the character or interests of the Club, the Committee of the Club may at meeting determine that an Extraordinary General Meeting of the club shall be called for the purposes of passing a resolution to expel him. Notice of the Extraordinary General Meeting shall be sent to the accused member giving particulars of the complaint and advising him of the place, date and hour of the meeting so that he may attend and offer an explanation. If at the meeting a resolution to expel is passed by two thirds of the members present and voting, his name shall forthwith be erased from the list of members and he shall thereupon cease for all purposes to be a member of the Club except that he may within two calendar months from the date of such meeting appeal to the N.Z. Kennel Club Incorporated.

All matters such as giving of cups, trophies, supporting of classes or the voting of Club funds towards any matter connected with Trials or Shows, shall be vested in the Committee of the Club, who shall satisfy themselves with regard to them in additionally as to the fact that the judge appointed is one who is on the N.Z. Kennel Club Incorporated’s list of judges.

Any member of the Committee who shall to attend three consecutive meetings without satisfactory explanation shall thereby vacate his seat and be ineligible for re-election for 12 months.

All members of the club shall be required to maintain dogs’ vaccinations and other preventative health measures up to a standard as recommended by current veterinary standards and to produce proof of such if requested by Committee or its agents.

A resolution proposed at any Meeting of the Club or of the Committee shall be deemed to be carried if a majority of the persons present and entitled to vote are in favour of the Resolution, except where these Rules otherwise provide, or if in the event of a tie, the Chairman exercises his casting vote.

21. FUNDS:
All moneys received by or on behalf of the Club shall forthwith be paid to the credit of the Club in a cheque account. Such Bank to be decided by the Committee. All cheques or withdrawal slips drawn on the account shall be signed by any two of the following Officers: The President, Secretary or the Treasurer. The Committee may decide from time to time to invest and re-invest in an investment account, upon such terms as it shall think fit, the whole or any part of its funds which shall not be required for the immediate business of the Club.

Every notice required to be given to the members of the Club or of the Committee shall be deemed to have been duly delivered in the ordinary course of the post if posted to him in a pre-paid letter addressed to him at his last known address or by email sent to his last given email address.

Whenever the Common Seal of the Club is required to be affixed to any deed, document, writing or other instrument, the Seal shall be affixed pursuant to a resolution of the Committee or of the Club by the Chairman and any one other member of the Committee thereby authorised to affix the seal (and the person so affixing the seal shall at the same time sign the document to which the seal is so affixed.)

[These rules incorporate amendments approved at the Annual General Meeting on 10 May 2017 and all previous amendments duly approved.]

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